Journal of Systems Integration, Vol 2, No 4 (2011)

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Agent paradigm and services technology for distributed Information Sources

Hakima Mellah


The complexity of information is issued from interacting information sources (IS), and could be better exploited with respect to relevance of information. In distributed IS system, relevant information has a content that is in connection with other contents in information network, and is used for a certain purpose. The highlighting point of the proposed model is to contribute to information system agility according to a three-dimensional view involving the content, the use and the structure. This reflects the relevance of information complexity and effective methodologies through self organized principle to manage the complexity. This contribution is primarily focused on presenting some factors that lead and trigger for self organization in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and how it can be possible to integrate self organization mechanism in the same.

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ISSN: 1804-2724

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