Journal of Systems Integration, Vol 11, No 1 (2020)

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Challenges facing women in ICT from a women perspective: A case study of the Zimbabwean Banking Sector and Telecommunications Industry.

Samuel Musungwini, Tinashe Gwendoline Zhou, Linnet Musungwini


This research sought to establish why there is a low presence of women in ICT jobs; yet they con-stitute the larger percentage of the population. The researchers did a literature review, used a sur-vey questionnaire to collect statistical data, and carried out in-depth interviews with key inform-ants who were women in ICT-related jobs in the banking and telecommunications sector in Zim-babwe. According to the study, lack of digital exposure and career guidance posed the greatest challenge for women pursuing ICT-related careers, with 95.74% of the respondents citing this challenge. Interestingly, organizational constraints had the lowest response, possibly indicating that the organizational environment is no longer a discriminating factor towards the progression of women in their careers. The study recommended among others, proper career guidance of the opportunities that ICT has for women and this can be done by the parents, mentors, and institu-tions of higher learning. Career development programs and training can also go a long way in boosting the confidence of women and encouraging them to pursue ICT-related careers.

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