Journal of Systems Integration, Vol 8, No 4 (2017)

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Benefits, Challenges and Tools of Big Data Management

Fernando L. F. Almeida


Big Data is one of the most predominant field of knowledge and research that has generated high repercussion in the process of digital transformation of organizations in recent years. The Big Data's main goal is to improve work processes through analysis and interpretation of large amounts of data. Knowing how Big Data works, its benefits, challenges and tools, are essential elements for business success. Our study performs a systematic review on Big Data field adopting a mind map approach, which allows us to easily and visually identify its main elements and dependencies. The findings identified and mapped a total of 12 main branches of benefits, challenges and tools, and also a total of 52 sub branches in each of the main areas of the model.

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ISSN: 1804-2724

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