Journal of Systems Integration, Vol 7, No 4 (2016)

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Business Intelligence impact on corporate performance in Slovak enterprises – a case study

Peter Mesaros, Stefan Carnicky, Tomas Mandicak, Martina Habinakova, Daniela Mackova, Marcela Spisakova


The issue of the use of advanced information and communication technologies is a current topic. In every industry and economic fields it is to use these tools as much as possible. Currently, there is a number of other modular solutions that are tied to enterprise information systems and are designed for decision-making. Business Intelligence is one of them. Its main role is to facilitate the implementation of the decisions. Information is converted into reports and relevant facts that are often the source for decision making at the highest management positions. It is therefore necessary to examine the impact of the implementation and use on the overall performance of the company. Increase overall corporate performance should be the main objective of the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions. Paper is based on several studies and surveys that have been conducted abroad. Based on these studies, similar study in the Slovak enterprises was carried out. The main aim of the paper is to analyze the impact of the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions on the overall performance of the company.

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