Journal of Systems Integration, Vol 7, No 1 (2016)

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The Evaluation Methodology of Information Support in Organization

Lubos Necesal, Luděk Lukáš


Knowledge, information and people are the motive force in today's organizations. Successful organizations need to find the right employees and provide them with the right and high-quality information. This is a complex problem. In the world where information plays more and more important role, employees have to be skilled at information activities (searching, processing, saving, etc. of information) and information system/-s (IS) they work with. Organizations have to cover both these areas. Therefore, we need an effective instrument, which could be used to evaluate new employees within admission or as regular evaluating of current employees, to evaluate information system, whether it is an appropriate tool for fulfilling the employee’s tasks within the organization, and to evaluate how the organization covers the foregoing areas. Such instrument is the “Evaluation methodology of information support in organization”. This paper defines the term “information support“ and its role in organization. The body of the paper proposes the “Evaluation methodology of information support in organization”. The conclusion discusses contributions of information support evaluation.

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ISSN: 1804-2724

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