Journal of Systems Integration, Vol 5, No 3 (2014)

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Genetic Algorithms as a Tool of Production Process Control

Petr Klímek, Martin Kovářík


The following article deals with up-to-date field of optimization and genetic algorithms use in the production process control. Theory of optimization is mentioned in the first part of this paper. The second part of this article is dedicated to genetic algorithms. Genetic algorithms are characterized by their robustness – the ability to solve difficult optimization or the tasks in which we need to decide on something.The third part of the paper focuses on practical demonstrations of two examples. The first example is on determining the optimal production. The second example is on application of genetic algorithms in process planning. Matlab and Evolver software tools were used for the data compution. Data preparation for Evolver was done in MS Excel. But the model building is only one step in knowledge discovery. The best model is often found after building models of several different types, or by trying different technologies or algorithms.

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