Journal of Systems Integration, Vol 4, No 3 (2013)

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Methodology of transportation project management

Helena Novakova


All large projects, from their inception to their completion, follow certain procedures, when undergoing evaluations of different designs, while at the same time, assuring project functionality at realistic costs which are acceptable to the owner. To keep project costs within certain parameters, there is a need to begin the project with a realistic budget and to have some reliable pricing data. In addition, during the development phase, the project cost must be recalculated and, if necessary, readjusted. Another way to increase the project value or to decrease the cost is to perform Value Engineering, i.e. an analysis of project functionality, specifications, tender documents and other project aspects by a team of experts.
This paper describes Value Engineering and how such experts’ efforts would be applied and benefit transportation projects. The methodology of design of logistics terminal is presented, including related transport network as an example of a large transport project for the use of Value Engineering.

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