Journal of Systems Integration, Vol 4, No 2 (2013)

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Active Initiatives and ICT Innovations for the Formation of Competitive Advantage

Milena Janakova


The paper is centered on the active initiatives from the ICT (information and communication technology) field using analysis and comparison of adopted solutions in ICT products for the support of competitive advantages. Confrontation of existing options is demonstrated on a security layer of selected products. This wider analysis brings an overview via operating and database systems, BI, and CRM products. A good starting point is an analysis of selected products by Petri Nets with simulation using a multidimensional and object approach. The realized analysis shows ways of security resolution in selected products and a mutual comparison of these solutions leads to an improved design of solutions in individual implementations. For example, Sugar CRM offers an optimal way of restricting access by date for access control to tabs and visible records for the user. Other positive options are advanced security (validation of IP address, maximum upload file size) or logging slow queries. Improvement requires restricted access for the system administrator (inspired by the Oracle database system) or transparent user identification (as in operating systems). Another benefit would be to simplify the overall concept of the accepted security layer from five components to four by merging the user account and system administrator area or audit and logging with an advanced security area.

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