Journal of Systems Integration, Vol 2, No 4 (2011)

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Introduction of a Wiki in an Enterprise: Motives and Challenges

Fernando L. F. Almeida, Rosa M. Rocha


Among the tools available to implement the collaborative production of knowledge in organizations, the use of wikis has been gaining momentum and showing a low-cost and high efficiency. However, some difficulties still arise when attempting to introduce this kind of technology in an organization. In addition to technological limitations, the cultural issues inherent in companies can also origin problems and promising projects can be abandoned without achieving all the objectives planned. In this work, we study the motives, challenges as well as the more common problems that appear during the wiki implantation process in an organization and the purposed solutions on the literature. The main objective is to identify forms for the wiki to become a tool that everyone can use in the organization and identify the best practices related, so that the project of creating a functional wiki for an organization can aspire to befall a success and not simply abandoned.

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